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What We Are

At Recess Post we offer customized, integrated solutions for any post-production project.

Pulling from our extensive artist and supplier network, we work with you to build curated teams with the best creative and budgetary match possible.

We are the production backbone for your job from first call to delivery handling everything from edit to audio, and usage to deliverables.

A member of the HUG group of companies, we are an important partner in the HUG full-service production approach and can also be engaged as a stand-alone supplier.

With us, the “post” world is your oyster.

How We Work

We start with a careful analysis of your creative brief and project resources, collaborating with you and production to ensure expectations and overall plan of execution are clearly understood.

We recommend a post team, pulling from our extensive network, putting care, and thought into each role ensuring the best fit to execute your vision.

Once the project is awarded, our experienced production team oversees the entire process from kick-off call to final delivery. They are the backbone of every project, ensuring everything stays on track and on budget with close attention to problem solving along the way.

Why Us

Because you have a very tight timeline.

Because you have zero flex in your budget.

Because you’re tired of calling in favours.

Because you don’t have the time or the resources to manage post, much less multiple post suppliers.

Because delivering the best creative result possible is no longer a goal, it’s an expectation.

Because you want an experienced and reliable partner in your corner who will help you deliver great work, on time and on budget.

Who We Are

Tanja Harney
Executive Producer

Claire Young
Senior Producer

Anu Chhetry

Benjamin Sagar
Post Production Assistant

250 The Esplanade #300, Toronto, ON M5A 4J6